Bitcoin is the world's first decentralized digital currency. This currency is fundamentally different from all previously created electronic currencies and payment systems. It is not tied to any physical assets or "official" currencies, and the price digital coin - bitcoin - market is governed solely by supply and demand.

Now the exchange rate BTC/USD:
1 BTC = ~1284.27 USD
1 USD = ~77865 Satoshis

Bitcoin is also a global payments system, through which you can perform operations with this currency. The main difference from traditional payment systems is that the Bitcoin system has no managing and processing center - all operations occur only in the network of peer clients.

The idea of cryptocurrencies "b-money" described in 1998 Wei Dai in the newsletter Shirobokov. Also suggestions made Nick Szabo called "Bitgold".

In 2008, a person or group of persons under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto published the file with the description of the Protocol and the principle of peer-to-peer network. According to Satoshi, the development started in 2007. In 2009 he completed the development of the Protocol and published the client, after which the network was launched.
Further development organizes and coordinates Gavin Andresen.

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Some interesting facts

The chief of police agreed to let him pay wages in Bitcoin
The police chief from a small town Vicco, Kentucky (population less than 300 people), was in the news once asked that he be paid a salary in Bitcoin and the city authorities agreed to this. This event was the first case when the state organization was paying money in electronic form.

Family experiment
Wanting to show their commitment to the cryptocurrency, which they like, a young family began an experiment "Life on Bitcoin". In July 2013, a married couple Austin Craig and Beccy Bingham vowed not to use as money anything but Bitcoin during the first 90 days of their family life. They made a documentary on this subject and continue to regularly update your blog.

Pay with Bitcoin for tuition
University of Nicosia, Cyprus offered to pay the tuition for a master's degree in digital currency, so naturally, they began to accept payment in Bitcoin.